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Apart from wrapping themselves up in warm blankets and sipping a cup of hot tea sitting around bukharis, many civil servants in Thimphu have been wishing for an extravagant shower of snow for the past two days.

The reason is obvious. The first “good” snowfall is always followed by a government holiday.

For the past two days, the damp and still weather has been teasing the civil servants and Thimphu residents. A friend of mine described this weather as a women acting hard to get despite showing signs to yield.

“How true” I remarked. And like a friend encouraging a man to follow the pursuit of the girl, the CNN forecast showed that it would snow in Thimphu today. And though the flakes didn’t settle down in the valley despite its faint attempts today, it continues to flirt with the hopes of Thimphu residents.

On December 28, I unearthed the soothsayer in me to predict that it won’t snow this winter. I also wished that I am proved wrong. I stick to my words.