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The new tobacco rule is getting a global attraction. Many newspapers around the world have written articles after they picked up the cue from a Reuters’ article which was the first one written on January 11.

The New York Times, on January 15, ran an article with the title “If you smoke, don’t vacation in this kingdom.”

How would the government take that?

Does it mean that the new tobacco rule will, apart from attracting public (especially smokers) ire, also affect the tourism industry? It also comes at a time when Bhutan is trying hard to bring in more tourists in the country.

Of course, it can also be debated that if smokers choose not to come to Bhutan, we may be able to attract more non-smoking tourists.

But all these are questions doesn’t have definite answers. It is also because the rule was implemented without a proper study of its implications.

It is early to comment whether the rule will be a success but it has definitely succeeded in creating fear among smokers to yield to their temptation in public places.

But how long will it last?