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Monk Sonam Tshering, who has been sentenced to three years in prison for carrying Nu 98 ($2.1) worth of chewing tobacco, will not be released even if the Tobacco Act is amended.

Sonam Tshering, who has overtime become the poster boy for the movement against the new Tobacco Act, has received a commendable number of supporters including the Opposition Leader who has called for a “movement” to amend the Act.

More than a hundred sympathizers have started a movement on Facebook calling to amend the Act.

But according to the nuances of legal interpretations, Sonam Tshering and the others caught with tobacco and tobacco products, will not be freed even if the Act is amended.

The retrospective application of law will come into force and it will be interpreted to mean that Sonam Tshering violated the law of the land when it was in force.